Cakebread's 2015 Annahala Ranch & Apple Barn Vineyard Pinot Noirs Shipping Special

2015 Annahala Ranch & Apple Barn Vineyard Pinot Noirs

Our newest $10 shipping special is for three bottles each (6 bottles total) of our single-vineyard Annahala Ranch and Apple Barn Pinot Noirs from the Anderson Valley.

Just three short miles separate these two vineyards, but those three miles make a big difference in the way the wines taste. Annahalas tree-shaded slopes and proximity to the coast lend to wines with fresh, pure aromas, bright, rich flavors and fine lithe tannins, while Apple Barns location on the valley floor is a warmer site that creates intensely flavorful fruit that produce a deeply concentrated pinot noir with lush fruit and round supple tannins.

We are happy to offer this six bottle collection (three bottles of Annahala Ranch and three bottles of Apple Barn Vineyard) for $330 (plus tax) and only $10 ground shipping.


Dennis Cakebread

2015 Annahala Ranch & Apple Barn Vineyard Pinot Noirs

Price: 330.00
Club: 290.40

Featured Recipe

Pappardelle With Duck Bolognese & Tuscan Kale

This month's recipe is our riff on a bolognese sauce, the classic meat sauce of northern Italy used to sauce fresh pasta and a great dish to make on cold winter's day. We've substituted duck legs for the meat in the recipe to complement our Two Creeks Pinot Noir. The long slow cooking process develops a nice depth of flavor and silkiness to the sauce that really matches well with the soft tannins and complexity of flavors found in the wine.

Happy Cooking,

Brian Streeter

Pinot Noir, Two Creeks Vineyard

Price: $43.00 | Club Price: $37.84